Can you imagine Christmas without music?

Can you imagine Christmas without music?


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Thousands of people in hospital or care will have no music this Christmas.

We believe passionately that everyone should have access to high-quality, live music – especially when they’re unwell or frail– but we need your support. If you’d like to help some of our most vulnerable people access the joy of live music over this holiday period, please make a contribution. Every penny you give goes toward delivering professional musical concerts for people in healthcare – people who are often sick, vulnerable and lonely.

We do this all year round, but need is always greatest at Christmas.

Last Christmas we provided live music to a local hospice, this is what they told us...

A very special day leading up to Christmas, which completed some patients day as so many of them are on their own. It really delivered a wonderful treat to patients who may not see next Christmas.

St Columba’s Hospice, Edinburgh

Your support will help bring a sparkle and brighten spirits this festive season, for loved ones and families to share their Christmas together in celebration well into the New Year. 

We know how important access to live music is for our beneficiaries and through the care teams we support, here's some of the feedback we have received:

"The reaction is always the same, its like switching on the lights"

"This is what we needed to be cheered up"

"We feel in the Christmas mood now!"

Can you imagine Christmas without music? No, nor can we. 

"Thank you so much for bringing Christmas"